Chuckwagon General Store

The historic Chuckwagon General Store, Deli and Bakery is stocked with the items you need for your trip or forgot to bring with you from home.

Chuckwagon Deli & Groceries


(435) 425-3290

Our brand new Deli has hot and cold sandwiches and a great selection of food for your drive or hike in the Capitol Reef area.

Grocery Store

(435) 425-3288

A full grocery selection with fresh produce and meats, large sporting goods section, film, ice and batteries.


(435) 425-3290

If you like the smell of fresh baked goodies, then start your day off with a trip to the bakery at the Chuckwagon General Store. Fresh pastries, bread and all sorts of tasty stuff to add to the fun of the day.